About Worksheets

How do I get the worksheet?

  • All registered participants get their individual worksheets only the participant and the coach have access to the worksheet.

What is the purpose of the worksheet?

  • The worksheet helps the participant to track their workouts and the progress they are making. It also helps the coach know about your progress and answer any related questions you may have.

How do i use this worksheet?

  • If you are a registered participant you will have received an email with a link to the schedule – which is a worksheet with rows and columns
  • Columns A, B, C are self explanatory
  • Column D – is the the description of what you need to do on that day
  • Column E – is for you to let me know if you did or not and any other feeling/observation you have.
  • Column F – is for me to give you my response. and I will review this sheet for each person every week – mostly on Saturday or Sunday – so please ensure you fill this up before that.

Can I print the worksheet as I don’t have access to Internet?

  • Feel free to do that..but please not you will not have the benefit of feedback in case you are not logging your activities.

You first task:

  • Access your worksheet (check your spam folder if you cannot find the email indicating the link to your worksheet)
  • Go to Column E and Row 4 of the work sheet
  • Type “RESTED” and hit <enter>.
  • This will indicate to me you are able to access the worksheet and edit it.