NEB 24 Hour Stadium Run 2022 – Race Report

30-April-2022 – 12 Hour Relay

@PaceMakers.ind hosted 12 teams to participate in the 12 hour relay. Format was simple, each team has 6 runners and each runner runs 2 hours on 400m track (track 4) and the top 3 teams running the highest number of loops wins. Guess what? 50% of our teams were on the podiums (3 all women, 2 all men and 1 women and men’s team)

I was part of Team 4 lead by non other than our beloved coach @kothandapanikc and had to run between 10pm and 12am.

I had no major plans for the run other than ensuring that I run a minimum of 22k in 2hours – something that is doable and anything less would not be worth coming all the way to this remote stadium (Hope 2023 Stadium run is at Kanteerava)

@manju10101980 and I warmed up for a k and did some running drills, I took 250ml of Unived’s Elite Drink mix as a pre-race drink. Something that I have been experimenting with since the last race.

@manju10101980 and I decided to run together (A good decision at hindsight).

The gun went off at 10pm and we to off, the initial pace seemed fast, guess it was all adrenaline rush. We soon eased into a pace which was fast than plan but felt comfortable. We decided to stay steady for about 10k and then evaluate how we feel.

At around 30 minutes I took Unived’s Vanilla Orange gel and a sip of water.

We hit 10k few seconds past 50 minutes and were feeling good and in great rhythm – I then took a Unived Double Expresso Gel over the next 5 minutes and sipped a bit of water.

Manju and I kept a steady pace, slowing down a wee bit whenever we felt we were speeding. Every time we passed the PaceMakers Support team they cheered us and that really helped to keep doing well. Thank you guys.

Around 12/13k both Manju and I felt – a 1:45 half marathon is within reach and we should go for it but told ourself that not to be too greedy but just maintain the current rhythm and evaluate at around 18/19k

Time flew with all the cheering. I continued to hydrate myself with Unived’s Elite Drink Mix during 15 to 20k.

At 20k both Manju and I increased the pace by 5/10sec to ensure we were doing a sub-1:45 Half which we did. I was pleased with the outcome and at the same time that increase in pace did take a toll on me. I walked for about 100m odd meter and got back to business.

Slowly pick pace and completed the balance of 3k ending in doing 24k in 2 hours (by my Garmin) my best so far at a stadium run.

Thank you Coach @kothandapanikc, the PaceMaker support team, @manju10101980, @nebsports, @unived,

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