Kaveri Trail Marathon – 10th Edition

ktm-sceneKTM never disappoints and this time it was special in two ways, one the timing of the event, and second, this is the 10th edition. KTM was re-scheduled from Sept to Nov – and that was a blessing in disguise for runner – we had some great weather for running.

The organisers did a great job both in terms of on ground support, the great signages (very creative) and the breakfast and guess what they even thought of sugarless coffee! – thank you A1,A2 and team.ktm-10k-runners

Day 1 of KTM was 10k and Day 2 was for the Half and full marathoners. I thought the overall attendance was a bit sparse, but I guess, it was due too many events in November and partly due to postponement of KTM. This time the trail was wider, and the terrain much easier to run. The 10k was an 5k out and back as opposed to the previous year, where the return was a bus ride! – the best 10k finish was, if I recollect right, 39 minutes.

Three of my colleagues were doing KTM for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. My better half had an excellent run too, a PB and a podium finish in the senior women’s category.

The Half and Full Marathon flagged off at 6:00 am and 6:30am. The chill in the air felt good and those who finished by 8:30 ish probably did not feel the heat. The best time was around 1:30 for the half and 3:05 for the full.

ktm-21k-runnersI had the pleasure of running alongside Bhaskar Sharma and we finished steady within 1:55, which was our common goal. Chatting with Bhaskar made the run easy – Thanks Bhaskar.

I am not sure of this trail will remain a trail for long, the fact that they widened the road must be for a reason. I am sure RFL will find alternatives!

Congratulations to all those who ran the KTM this weekend and a BIG THANK YOU to RFL and team.

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