Information session – 8th Edition

Hi All,  Thanks to all those who could attend the information session and for those who missed it here is a summary:

  1. We discussed the need for physical fitness as it helps each one of us to go through day with enough energy spare for leisure activities and reduce the chance of Non Communicable disease which account for more than 50% of deaths
  2. Physical activity of 30 to 40 minutes 3 to 5 times a week is good to improve and maintain physical fitness
  3. We also discussed some of the blockers to do exercises but the key point is we need to make time if we want physical fitness
  4. If you take up this program then be consistent in following to gain from it.
  5. How to tie shoe laces here and some basic stretches here
  6. here is the link to the presentation I used in the information session

You may have already received an email with a link your worksheet. More information about the worksheet is available here . Please open your work sheet and let me know if you cannot access it or face any other issues.

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