Learn2Run Batch 05 – Registrations open

Wish all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy new year in advance. I am starting a new batch in 2016 to help some of you who would have resolved to stay healthy in 2016. Here is your chance to do so….

Learn2Run program is now open for registrations to the 5th batch.

I did 4 batches in 2015, covering about 150 participants of which 10% completed the full 8-weeks. The completion rates were low not because the program is hard, but many registered but did not start. Those who decided to stick with the plan ended running a full 3.2km.

If you are keen to take care of your own health through physical activity then here is you chance to do something about it.

Learn2Run is a 8-week virtual program and will start on 25th Jan. The program is open for anyone wishing to learn to run and is above 16 years of age and has access to Internet. Here is an FAQ in case you wish to know more about it.

Register only if you are committed else you are depriving others of an opportunity to learn. Registration will close on 12th Nov 2015 or earlier if the number of registrations reach 30.

Click here to register.


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