Well done all Learn2Run participants

Hi All,

Most of you have been regular in pursuing the Learn2Run program and I am very glad that you are making good progress and enjoying it as well…I saw the ladies (Anu, Poorni, Akila) sweating it out this morning..

Couple of things that could be useful for the next 3 weeks:

  • Reduce the pace of your jog to ensure you complete the jog duration or if you feel too tired
  • Ensure your walk is purposeful – swing your arm, look 100 ft ahead of you and avoid using your phone
  • Avoid carrying anything in hand as this will bring some asymmetry in you walking/running action
  • Relax your upper body i.e drop your shoulders, swing your arms in a relaxed manner and 90 degrees at the elbow

3 more weeks to go an the schedule will start to get slightly tougher. You are doing great keep up the good work and try not to miss any of the training days….





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