End of week 1

Hi All,

Congratulations to all those who have started on this journey of Learning to run. Well done. You have completed the tasks of week 1 only 7 more to go!

Couple of reminders:

  • Some soreness in the legs is expected and will subside the next day and continues to lessen as time progresses – if that does not happen then I would suggest you REST or if the pain is associated with swelling etc then do seek some medical advice.
  • In week 2 make your walk a bit purposeful and brisk. Keep it a bit faster than a stroll in the park. It might also be good if you keep mobile phones away and just enjoy the 30 odd minutes focusing on the activity of walk/run.
  • Avoid running down the slopes for now.
  • If you have not read the Tips, please do so – there are some pointers to stretching and how to tie shoe laces

Best wishes for the weeks ahead

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