Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ : Learning to Run for Beginners

  1. How many days a week does this programme take? You will workout 5 days a week approximately 30 minutes a day. The programme is flexible and one can take additional one or two days off per week in the early part of the programme.
  2. What time will this begin?  This is not a classroom programme – instructions for the day are on the internet – you do what is scheduled for the day and report back daily. So in a way, timing is flexible allowing many to participate. I like to exercise early in the morning before I go to work – it makes me feel good!
  3. Do I have to meet up in a group regularly? No, there are no scheduled group meetings except on Sundays (where we can run as a group), and that is optional as well.
  4. I have joint pain, can I run? I am not a doctor – but if I were you, I would consult one to get an opinion before I take up a sport like running.
  5. I have never run before do you think it will be possible for me to participate in the programme? Yes. This is a beginners programme. As kids we have all run before but have lost the ability to do over years – some of which is due to the lifestyle we follow. I believe it’s not impossible to get back the skill of running – but it requires one to get out of bed and do something about it. It is a slow process but not impossible.
  6. What if I have more questions during the program? The program is designed to give individual feedback for their activities, however this is driven by you as a participant reporting back on a daily basis as to how you felt about the days workout. The reporting + feedback is done online. You can use the same platform for asking questions. In addition there is a blog where you will find more information

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