Second batch completed!

Hi everyone,

The silver lining was one out the forty plus who registered for the 8-week program completed it and that was Radhakrishnan Viswanathan. He did not miss a single day. Congrats Radha and very well done. I know two ladies (Anuradha and Sindhu) are almost done with the program – Kudos to them too, well done ladies.

I do get queries about next batch. I guess the program needs some re-thinking to ensure the participants have some stake in the ground. I would like a better participation and for that I will have to make some modifications. I will take some time before I announce the 3rd batch but I am sure this time it won’t be free!

For those who completed and want to pursue running for sake of maintaining current level of fitness, I suggest you run/walk 30 minutes 4 to 5 times a week – that will really do you good.

All the best.

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