First week completed!

Dear All, Well done for completing week one of the program. Kudos to all of you who took the initiative to start on this journey. I can see from most of the individual reports that you are enjoying it and some of you have faced initial hurdles like shin pain, stiffness in the calf, soreness etc. There are other who have yet not started – I am wondering why? ask yourself the question – Why did I enlist for this program? What is coming in the way of starting the Learn 2 run journey.

Here are some blog articles that will help you  have a look:

  1. To avoid injuries and pain – refer Some basic stretches
  2. Listen to your body
  3. additional tips

Note:For those who have not started and/or have no log entries in the worksheet – I will forced to remove you from the list of registered participants if I don’t see entries in the worksheet by 20/Apr evening.

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