Your first run!

Today you experienced a bit of jogging. I know it was not much but its a beginning. So kudos to all of you who went out and did today’s workout.I can see from the log entries that most of you seemed to have enjoyed it. Some of that enjoyment comes from the fact that you were anxious about it but ended up being able to jog – now that is a good achievement as you have broken a small mental barrier. Well done!

Caution: Those doing their rounds in Mantri beware of two things –

  1. Walk up the slope as jogging up can be difficult.
  2. At this stage of the training do not run down a slope as it is the easiest way one could get hurt.  I know I am generalising a bit here but that is because I do not want anyone hurt in this training.

You are past half of week 1 and soon week-1 tasks will be over. Keep up enthusiasm and keep doing the workouts.

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