Welcome to the second Learn 2 Run program

We are just 10 days away from start of the this program and I thought this is a good time to give you some information on what to expect in the introductory session of the Learn 2 Run program on 10th April.

The session will begin by you telling me a bit of what your expectations are from this program and also try and understand your reasons for joining this program. So, I am essentially going to throw open the floor to you. So, please reflect on following questions:

  • Why do I want to be part of this program?
  • Why do you want to run?
  • What is it that you expect that will happen at the end of this program?
  • Think of all questions you may have?
  • What do you think will be some of the blockers for you to follow this program?
  • Any thing that comes to your mind about this program and want to share.

I will do my best to answer the questions.

Second part of the intro session will be about the Learn 2 Run program, its structure, what is expected of you and how will I give you feedback etc.

Lastly, I will end with answering any other questions that you may have.

Note: This blog will be the medium of communication, so you may follow this blog  by hitting the follow button at the bottom right corner. This will ensure you get an email when I publish something new.

Use the comments sections if you want me to address anything else in the introductory session.

See you on 10th April at 19:00 hours in the TV Room – please be on time.

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