16 thoughts on “Registrations for 2nd Batch – Learn to Run now open

  1. Dear Moorthy Sir, going thru all the mails from the runners of the 1st batch I too am keen on joining. I am from J1106. I jog on the treadmill for about 30 mins but then found it not the same running in the open. Pls include me in your 2nd batch. Could you pls share the timings. Thanks for this valuable service.
    Regards, Shashi 9845156772


    1. Shashi,
      Thanks for showing interest in the program. If you are already running 30 minutes then you may not enjoy this program. This is a virtual program – each one decided when to do his/her workout. Read the FAQ .
      I am also planning a information session in April where you will get a chance to ask more questions.


  2. I am very much interested in joining the art of running session. I live in G407. I seem to have lost the motivation to work out these days. This is the magic I need to get on track.


  3. Dear sir, I would like to join this programme, though,I’m not sure whether this programme will be helpful or not.

    So, I’m stating stating my intentions of joining this programme or what I’m expecting from this programme, please guide me accordingly.
    1. I would like to increase my stamina, although, I play badminton every day but that is not getting enough, so I wish to start running.
    2. Want to shed some weight, but not in gym.
    3. Need to get my legs stronger, since, I play a lot, I feel my legs (especially calf and thigh) are not that strong now, since I’m getting 35+, so wish to work on that.

    Looking ahead for your valuable suggestion.


    1. Hi Ashish,
      Your expectations are valid – whether this program will deliver on those expectations is difficult for me to say. Suggest you do attend the information session which will help you in setting realistic expectations.


  4. Mr. Murthy,

    Thanks a lot for this initiative. I have registered and look forward to get inspired to run with your inputs and guidance.

    Srikar. Y. V.
    A 707.


  5. I am trying to find the link too. I am interested in participating.

    Please count me in.

    Jayashree V
    E 405


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