Wow week 6 almost done!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for being silent on this blog – I was a bit occupied with work the last two weeks.

Great effort by all of you. You have completed 75% of the program and I am very proud of all of you. I know some are finding the program easy while others are struggling a bit but I am sure all those who gave this program an honest shot will have a great experience at end week-8. So, keep up the good work.

Week-7 and Week-8 will be a bit different and will require you to run for longer duration and specific distances. Here are some options to accomplish the tasks for next two weeks:

  • Use the treadmill for the next two week so that distances are clear (1 mile is same as 1.6 km)
  • a mile is also equivalent to two rounds of Mantri – i.e. starting from tennis court go up the slope around H block to A-Block via club house and back to Tennis court.
  • Alternately, use duration of run as a rough indicator for distance covered. 8-10 minutes for a mile, 12-15 minutes for 2km, and about 18 min for 2.4km.

While this may seem daunting in the mind but just go for it thinking that this is possible and try to keep a manageable place. Don’t go too fast else you will end up taking walk breaks.

All the best for the coming two weeks.

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