You are making good progress…& a few tips.

Hi All,

I can see from the reports that some of you are making good progress and that is because you have been consistent in practice. Most of you have managed to keep your own exercise loads at reasonable levels and that is important to stay fit and continue training. If you have missed my earlier blog post on Listen to you body then please do read it.

Some of you have indicated reasons why you missed some days – for the benefit of all, I am listing some of these reasons and providing tips to overcome it:

  • Lower leg soreness : Do follow the stretching routine after your run – check Some basic stretches
  • I just cannot complete the jog duration : There could be many reason but some common ones are:
    • you are running up a slope. Avoid slope and keep your jog to flatter areas
    • you are running too fast. Slow down till you can complete the required jog duration. Remember this is an introductory course – keep the speed at levels where you are not panting. SLOW DOWN.
    • you are coming in the way of your running. It might be the way you are thinking – if you think it is not possible then be sure that the body wont co-operate. Go into the work out thinking that it is possible and it is possible because this is a progressive schedule and doable by anyone.
  • I am sick, hurt etc. In such cases I would suggest you do not run. If you feel like, walk for 30 minutes but avoid any strenuous exercise.
  • Exercise overload: More exercise does not mean it is good – the body should be able to take the load and recover from it – it is only then you benefit from it. Read Listen to your body for more info.
  • I am busy and don’t have time. Good one. I have heard that before. All it means is – exercise has least priority to me.

From week 4 the schedule gets a bit tougher but not to worry if you have been consistent in practice. You will sail through. In case you have not be regular in following the schedule, I would urge to to be more regular.

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