Listen to your body

There are many instances of going overboard with exercise – especially when we start to feel good about doing exercise and do more exercise. I have been guilty of doing this in the past when I was new to the sport of running and believed that doing more is good, pushing hard is good but I was wrong and learnt it the hard way.

Over training has negative or undesirable outcomes – such as viral infection, fatigue etc. This blog post is about making you aware of impact over training on your immune system and how to detect over training symptoms.

The key to remaining healthy and reaping benefits of physical exercise is in balancing overall stress including exercise related stress and its impact on our body. This is easier said than done as each one of us is different in terms of our body’s ability to take on stress and our stresses itself are of different nature.

Here is an article which gives you some ideas on how to listen to your body?

Take care, stay healthy.

3 thoughts on “Listen to your body

  1. Now that jog time is increasing, and we don’t flat stretch of road to cover jogging time, it is suggested that turn around on the flat stretch rather than continue jogging on up/down gradient. jogging on up gradient will may increase fatigue while jogging on down gradient may have higher injury risk.


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