Learn2Run – some additional information

I received a couple of questions and I thought it will be good to share it on this blog for the benefit of all. I cannot run in the morning so, what do you suggest?

  • This program is virtual i.e. each one has his or her own schedule sheet and he/she knows exactly what is to be done for the day. The choice of time is yours. In fact, you may have plenty of good reasons as to – Why you cannot spare the time to run? I am sure some of these are very valid and some could be smart excuses. All I have to say is you have a choice, go figure out how you accommodate 30 minutes for yourself. It is your life, your health, if you don’t address it no one will! Secondly, if you have not seen this video – I would strongly urge you to spare 5 minutes to see this video.

Can I run on the treadmill?

  • Of course you can. Be aware that running outside is a different experience. The air quality outside is much better. The choice is yours.

Do I need to take any precautions while running outside?

  • As a general rule – running outside requires you to be aware of your surroundings, be careful of moving vehicles. Running on the wrong side of the road is what runners generally do – the advantage is you can see the oncoming traffic and take evasive action. Some runners like to listen to music while running – this is almost like using the mobile phone while driving as you could be oblivious to what is happening around you. But again it is your choice. The program per se does not restrict you for listening to music while running/walking.
  • If you find it difficult to run up the slope – slow down and even walking is fine. As beginner avoid running down the slope as it is easy and easy to get injured.
  • Stick to the days schedule/task. Do not over do.
  • Be aware of other activities that you are pursuing as what you can and cannot do depends solely on your currently level of fitness – do not fall into the trap of doing more to get better quickly – that does not happen and there is high likely hood of getting injured or being fatigued.

How fast should I run?

  • Good question. This is not a race, it is about you getting fitter than what you were to begin with. This progressive schedule will enable you to get slightly more fitter than what you were. To answer question on how fast – I would suggest run slow and to know if you are running slow, just check if you are able to form full sentences while jogging slow, if so, then you are running at the right speed. If there pauses in the sentences because of panting then you probably are running faster than necessary – so, slow down.
  • Most of the fat burn happens at low to moderate intensities of exercise. I guess that should motivate you to run slow!

Feel free to drop questions in the comments section so that I can help you with answers and lastly, I suggest, you hit the follow button on this blog to follow this blog as I wont be sending emails to let you know about a new blog post. Cheers and have fun.

2 thoughts on “Learn2Run – some additional information

  1. Agreed and appreciate. It is not participating in race but to help myself. Thx for the motivation. I intend to follow and continue regularly and keep myself motivated enough.


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