Welcome to Learn2Run

Dear Learn2Run Participants, Here is a introduction to the Learn2Run program and is for the benefit of those who cannot attend the introductory face 2 face session on this subject.


Can you describe the Learn2Run 8-week program?

  • The program is for beginners who are aspiring to learn to run and is over a period of 8-weeks. I will share a day wise task for each one and the task is such that it is doable by beginners. The task schedules will be shared via Google Drive
  • The program driven virtually and you do the daily task when you have time. There are certain things you need to bear in mind.
    • Please do not do more than what is stipulated as this is a progressive course and is designed to keep you motivation high so that you are able to do the next day’s task
    • The program has 2 REST days which are equally important as the days when you workout.

I can access the schedule on Google Drive – How do I use it?

I have never run before, I am too old etc – will I be able to cope with this program?

  • As I said, this is a beginners program and does not require you to have prior experience. However, please check with your family doctor before taking up any physical activity.
  • If you believe you can walk for half an hour then you are all set to start on this journey.

What can I hope to accomplish at the end of this program?

  • In my past experience, those who have followed the schedule for 8-weeks have ended by running 3.2 km on their own. Thereafter many have caught the bug and have pursued running further to go and do 5km and 10km runs. All it takes is an initiative to take action.

I travel a lot (or any other blocker), so i may miss some days?

  • Good excuse. I am sure you can carve out 30 minutes to take care of yourself. Note you are doing this for yourself not anyone else.

I have more questions can you answer them over email?

  • I have limited bandwidth for emails so please do not email me. Ask questions as comments to this blog post and I will try my best to answer. I don’t promise but I will try and make myself physically available on a Sunday morning at set time/place for face to face conversations.

Keep Running.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Learn2Run

  1. Murthy Sir,
    The goal sheet talks about foot drills(exercises). I’m not aware of them. Am I missing something?



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